Limited Edition Hummers
Special Order Only
Rare 50mm Swarovski Diamond Lead Crystal - $50
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Special Order !
Rhinestone Hummingbirds
Variety of Colors
40mm Lead Crystal  ...
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Glowing Hummingbird                             $295
Green Grass Hummer
Swarovski Bordeaux Hummer
Swarovski Beaded Silver Chrome Hummingbirds
(Samples - these are sold) More on Etsy
Swarovski Beaded 24k Gold Plate Hummingbirds
(Samples - these are sold) - more on Etsy
Aqua Hibiscus Hummer                           $165
Blue Shade Hummingbird                        $165
Vintage Quilted Amethyst Hummer              $165
Aqua Flowers Murano Hummer                            Sold
Sapphire Flowers Murano Hummer             Sold
50mm Pink Crystal Ball w/Rose Quartz & Pink Agate Gemstones & 24K Gold Hummingbird w/Swarovski Crystals                            $50
50mm Asfour Crystal w/Tigereye & Agate Gemstones & 24K Gold Hummingbird w/Swarovski Crystal
$50 - Etsy