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Green Tridacna Leaves Window Chandelier Sundram                     $95
Spears                                        $525

Aventurine & Jade Agate Leaves
Antique Crystal Sundream         $95

Ruby & Onyx Agate Window Chandelier Leaf Suncatcher

Questions, or if you are interested in a particular Sundream and would like additional photos -  OR, if you are in the area and can pick up your purchase, OR if you are purchasing more than one item, please contact me prior to purchase.
Amethyst Ballroom                             $245
Pink Amethyst                                       Sold
Carnelian & Goldstone Trellis
Agate Teardrops
Antique Crystal Prisms       $95
Cabernet                                            $345
Sauvignon                                              $345
Southwest Sunset                        Sold
Victorian Southwest                    $285
Quilted Cardinal                                                   Sold
Agate Trellis - Citrine, Quartz, Yellow Agate, MOP, Vntage Crystal Prisms                    $95
Rainbow Agate - Copper, Quartz, Agate, Vintage Crystal Prisms                              $95
Green Dreams                                           $325
Amethyst Ice                                             $265
Amber Raindrops                                      Sold